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There is not an iota of evidence in the scientific and medical literature of a causal relationship between the Zika virus and microcephaly, contrary to the deceitful and fraudulent claims made by both Tom Frieden/CDC and Margaret Chan/WHO. Furthermore, out of the 404 diagnosed cases of microcephaly in Brazil, the virus has purportedly been found in the tissues of less than 15 babies (0.034%), which does not prove causality let alone correlation.

According to the medical literature, microcephaly is caused by:

- Craniosynostosis: The premature fusing of the joints (sutures) between the bony plates that form an infant's skull keeps the brain from growing.

- Chromosomal abnormalities. Down syndrome and other conditions may result in microcephaly.

- Decreased oxygen to the fetal brain (cerebral anoxia). Certain complications of pregnancy or delivery can impair oxygen delivery to the fetal brain.

- Infections of the fetus during pregnancy. These include toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, German measles (rubella) and chickenpox (varicella).

- Exposure to drugs, alcohol or certain toxic chemicals in the womb. Any of these put your baby at risk of brain abnormalities.

- Severe malnutrition. Not getting adequate nutrition during pregnancy can affect your baby's development.

- Uncontrolled phenylketonuria, also known as PKU, in the mother. PKU is a birth defect that hampers the body's ability to break down the amino acid phenylalanine.

In fact, in the US there are on average 25,000 diagnosed cases of microcephaly every year (in the absence of the Zika virus). Moreover, although the virus has been widely diagnosed in neighboring Colombia and in both French polynesia and Micronesia, there has been no diagnosed cases of microcephaly in those countries. This further proves that microcephaly is not caused by the Zika virus.

Many independent researchers have linked the “spike” of microcephaly in Brazil (from 147 diagnosed cases in 2014 to 404 in 2015) to a number of plausible factors such as the GM mosquitoes released in the region, the Tdap vaccine administered to pregnant women in late 2014, larvicides (pyriproxyfen) added to the public drinking water supply, and birth-causing pesticides such as glyphosate/Roundup, atrazine, 2,4-D, etc. copiously sprayed in GM soy/crop plantations in Brazil (note: Brazil is the largest consumer of pesticides in the world).

Although it is highly plausible that a synergistic combination of the above factors could be responsible for the “spike” of microcephaly in Brazil, there is to my knowledge no evidence in the scientific and medical literature of any causal relationship between the GM mosquitoes, the Tdap vaccines, the larvicide pyriproxyfen and microcephaly. Further epidemiological studies and research is clearly needed to confirm the causal relationship between the above plausible factors and microcephaly.

Pesticides, birth-defects and microcephaly

On the other hand, there is ample documented evidence in the scientific and medical literature of a causal relationship between pesticides such as glyphosate/Roundup, atrazine, 2,4-D, etc. and various birth defects, including microcephaly:…/pesticide-i…/birth-defects

In fact, birth defects and microcephaly are ubiquitous in regions and villages surrounding GM soy plantations in both Brazil and Argentina. In 2010, Dr. Andre Carrasco from Argentina published an alarming paper on the causal relationship between glyphosate based herbicides (GBH) and birth defects.

Dr Carrasco alarmingly found and wrote: “The direct effect of glyphosate [on the embryos]… opens concerns about the clinical findings from human offspring in populations exposed to GBH [glyphosate-based herbicides] in agricultural fields. There is growing evidence raising concerns about the effects of GBH on people living in areas where herbicides are intensely used. Women exposed during pregnancy to herbicides delivered offspring with congenital malformations, including microcephaly, anencephaly [missing major parts of brain and skull in embryos], and cranial malformations.” Link to the paper:…/pdf/Carrasco_research_paper.pdf

Unsurprisingly, however, neither the WHO/Margaret Chan, the CDC/Tom Frieden nor the Brazilian and global so-called public health authorities ever mention the causal relationship between GBH and microcephaly. It is blatantly obvious that the WHO/CDC deceitful and fraudulent Zika-microcephaly propaganda is manufactured for the sole purpose of promoting and selling the soon-coming concocted (toxic) Zika vaccine and to further mass poison both the Brazilian and the global population with the ongoing massive spraying of poisonous insecticides/pesticides under the guise and pretext of eradicating the WHO/CDC/industry invented Zika-microcephaly causing mosquitoes while enriching Big Pharma, the biotech/pesticide industry and their minions.

Arya Vrilya
Founder & Executive Director
Yajna Centre

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1946-1955: Mass DDT spraying campaigns across the US to purportedly kill mosquitoes (fraudulently) blamed for carrying the polio virus and causing poliomyelitis paralysis. Mass DDT spraying campaign ended up CAUSING the poliomyelitis paralysis epidemic in the US in the 1950's.

In response, Big Pharma developed and administered over 100 million doses of the polio vaccine to children and pregnant women in the US, which CAUSED millions of cases of poliomyelitis paralysis in the US!

In 1992, the CDC publicly admitted that every case of poliomyelitis paralysis in the US since the early 1960's was CAUSED by the oral polio vaccine (OPV) used in the US from the early 1960's to 2000! Moreover, as far back as 1976, Dr Salk publicly admitted under testimony that the OPV used in the US from the early 1960's to 2000 was "the principal if not the sole cause" of all poliomyelitis paralysis cases in the US since 1961.

Read this paper for details about the murderous DDT-POLIO hoax:


70 years later, Big Pharma and their criminal political minions i.e. CDC, WHO et al. are using the EXACT same murderous script with the ZIKA-MICROCEPHALY hoax.

- Mosquitoes (fraudulently) blamed for carrying the zika virus.

- Zika virus (fraudulently) blamed for causing microcephaly.

- Mass land and aerial spraying campaigns conducted in the US and worldwide by the US govt to purportedly kill zika-carrying mosquitoes using neurotoxic chemicals (i.e. NALED, a neurotoxic nerve gas developed and used by the NAZI's during WW2 for chemical warfare) that have been proven to CAUSE neurological brain damage in fetuses, newborns and children including MICROCEPHALY!

Jennifer Sass PhD, senior scientist with Natural Resources Defense Council warned that Naled is a neurotoxin and “among the class of the most toxic pesticides.” According to Dr. Sass, pregnant women are the most at risk because Naled “would damage the neurological development of fetuses.” Moreover, Dr. Elvia Melendez-Ackerman, environmental biologist at the University of Puerto Rico’s Rio Piedras says: "Studies have shown that exposure of pregnant animals for just three days during brain development resulted in 15% smaller brains in their babies."

Naled is 20 times more toxic when exposure occurs through inhalation versus ingestion. Alarmingly, the CDC has mandated and carried out aerial sprayings of Naled over Miami in 2016 to purportedly kill mosquitoes carrying the zika virus. Naled is banned in the European Union due to its extreme toxicity for both human health and the environment. 

Big Pharma is now developing a zika vaccine (using $ BILLIONS from the public purse) which will likely CAUSE a spike in microcephaly and other neurological brain damage in fetuses, newborns and children, which will then conveniently but fraudulently be blamed on the mosquitoes, further poisoning fetuses, newborns, children, pregnant women and the global population with global mandatory zika vaccination campaigns, leading to an endless and murderous cycle of global zika vaccination campaigns and a global epidemic of microcephaly and other neurological brain damage in children worldwide.

You can read this paper for more details about the Zika-Microcephaly hoax:

Arya Vrilya

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Polio vaccines contaminated with cancer-causing monkey virus (SV40)
In 2007, the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) alarmingly admitted that between 1955–1963 over 98 million American children and pregnant women received one or more doses of a polio vaccine which was found to be contaminated with a cancer-causing monkey virus called Simian Vacuolating 40 (SV40).
SV40 found in several human cancers.

In 1961, the virus was found to cause tumors in rodents (Eddy et al., 1961) The SV40 virus was also found in several types of tumors in humans, for instance mesotheliomas (rare tumors located in the lungs), brain, and bone tumors (Carbone et al., 1994; Jasani et al., 2001). More recently, SV40 has also been found to be associated with some types of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (Shivapurkar et al., 2002; Vilchez et al., 2002).

SV40 was linked with mesothelioma after tumors developed in hamsters that were injected with SV40 into the lungs, heart and abdomen (Cicala et al., 1993). Mesotheliomas are rare cancers usually located in the lining of the lungs in humans and are believed to be associated with asbestos exposure. SV40 has been found in 47% to 83% of human mesothelioma tumors (Carbone, 1999). In addition, reports have documented an association between SV40 and brain and bone tumors (Jasani, 2001). Two recent studies also found an association between SV40 and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (Shivapurkar et al., 2002; Vilchez et al., 2002). These studies identified the virus in 42 to 43 percent of non-Hodgkin's tumors, while finding no SV40 in tissue from healthy study volunteers.

The CDC and the industry claim that the SV40 virus was removed from all polio vaccines after 1963. However, recent published studies as well as legal documents from a court case filed against the manufacturer of the vaccine (Lederle) reveal that SV40 was not removed from the oral polio vaccines after 1963. Over 600 million doses of the oral polio vaccines were manufactured and sold by Lederle in the US and around the globe between 1963-2000.
Oral Polio Vaccine found to CAUSE polio and poliomyelitis paralysis!
Moreover, In 2000 the CDC discontinued and banned the sale and the use of the OPV in the US because it was found to cause both vaccine-derived polio viruses (VDPVs) and vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis (VAPP).
A paper published in 2004 by prominent and eminent vaccine researcher and author Neil Z. Miller [11] reveals that: “In 1992, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published an admission that the live polio virus vaccine (OPV) had become the dominant cause of polio in the United States. In fact, according to CDC figures, every case of polio in the U.S. since 1979 was caused by the oral polio vaccine. As far back as 1976, "Dr. Jonas Salk, creator of the killed-virus polio vaccine (IPV) used in the 1950s, testified that the live-virus polio vaccine (used almost exclusively in the U.S. from the early 1960s to 2000) was the ‘principal if not sole cause’ of all reported polio cases in the U.S. Since 1961.”
DDT caused poliomyelitis paralysis in the US
Historical and recent scientific evidence alarmingly reveals a causal link between the mass DDT spraying campaigns launched in the US from 1946-1955 to purportedly combat the polio virus before the polio vaccines were developed and the epidemic of poliomyelitis paralysis that followed.
In light of the alarming and damning historical and scientific evidence presented in this paper on the extreme toxicity, human health hazards and inefficacy of the polio vaccines (both the IPV and the OPV), why are you Bill GatesMelinda Gates, the Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationUNICEF, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Global Polio Eradication InitiativeRotary International and the CDC forcefully vaccinating hundreds of millions/billions of children and their mothers around the globe without their informed consent and often under military escort and at gun point with the SV40-contaminated and cancer-causing oral polio vaccine (OPV) which has been discontinued and banned in the US since 2000 because it was found and proven to cause both vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis (VAPP) and vaccine-derived polioviruses (VDPVs) ?
Link to my paper:

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China: Largest producer and exporter of glyphosate

China is the largest producer and exporter of glyphosate, the declared active ingredient in Monsanto's infamous and highly toxic Roundup herbicide, as well as in other glyphosate based herbicides (GBHs). In 2015, China produced over 800,000 metric tons of glyphosate, which represented roughly 70% of global production. Over 80% of China's production of glyphosate is exported in six countries, with the US, Brazil and Argentina representing 55-60% of the export market. The balance is consumed locally in China.[1]

China: Largest importer & consumer of GM RR Soy and corn

China is also the largest importer and consumer of genetically modified (GM) Roundup Ready (RR) soy beans, importing over 90 million metric tons of GM RR soy beans in 2015, with imports and consumption projected to exponentially increase to over 140 million metric tons by 2020-2025 (see graph below). The overwhelming vast majority of the GM RR soy beans imported into China are used for livestock feed; the rest is used for human consumption. [2]

The US, Brazil and Argentina are the three biggest producers and exporters of genetically modified Round Up Ready soybeans, accounting for over 80% of global production and 90% of global exports, with China representing 60% of their export market. The US, Brazil and Argentina are also the three largest GMO producers, accounting for 78% of global GMO production in 2016. [3]

The industrial chemical-intensive agricultural production of RR GM soy, corn, cotton and canola doused in glyphosate/Roundup and other poisonous pesticides/biocides is mass poisining both billions of humans, animals, the soil, water, the air, the environment and all web of life in South America, in the US and elsewhere around the planet, as numerous peer reviewed and published studies have documented. [4][5]

As the late prominent scientist and director of the Institute for Science in Society Dr Mae-Wan Ho wrote and warned: “The vicious circle is now complete. China gave up producing soybeans and invested heavily in producing glyphosate instead, shortly after Monsanto’s patent for glyphosate expired in 2000. Most of the glyphosate is shipped to the top GM soybean producing countries US, Brazil and Argentina, where it is sprayed on Roundup Ready soybean to be exported back to China. Excessive glyphosate spraying has sickened people & wildlife in GM soybean producing countries (not to mention millions of hectares of natural forests cut down and natural grasslands destroyed), and a billion Chinese people are poisoned with toxic soybeans. The international group of NGOs are right [1], China holds the key to world health, only China can break this vicious circle that devastate people and planet.” [6]

How Monsanto “cheated” to obtain approval of glyphosate/Roundup and of GM RR soybean and maize in China.

China’s Ministry of Agriculture has been accused of fraudulently authorizing Monsanto’s GM RR soybeans and maize that “cause systematic harm to mankind, animals, plants, microbes and the ecological environment” to enter and flood the Chinese market without carrying out proper risk assessments to make sure that GM RR soy and corn are safe for human consumption.

A petition [7] signed by more than 600 people all over China submitted to the State Council Legislative Affairs Office claims that the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has “colluded” with Monsanto, allowing Monsanto to provide “fake samples, to carry out “false tests” and to “falsify safety conclusions” and have thus “cheated” both the Chinese government and billions of Chinese consumers, and seriously violated the State Council’s “Agricultural GMOs Safety Administration Regulation”, amounting to a “crime of endangering public security.”

Not only has the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture ignored the harm that can be caused by glyphosate/Roundup residues in Monsanto's GM RR soybeans; it has also refused to tell the truth on how Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide obtained its pesticide registration in China in 1988, and how Monsanto’s Roundup Ready soybean 40-3-2 and NK603 maize obtained their bio-safety certificate from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture.

It transpired that for its pesticide registration of Roundup, Monsanto “cheated” the Chinese government and the Chinese people. First, Monsanto intentionally did not inform the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture that glyphosate was patented as a chelator, which causes systematic harm to the health of the soil, microbes, crops, animals and humans.

Second, Monsanto failed to inform the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture that the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) had in 1985 classified glyphosate as a possible carcinogen. 

Third, Monsanto did not provide reports on the long-term, lifetime and three-generation study revealing the carcinogenicity of glyphosate. And fourth, Monsanto submitted a “Roundup toxicology test report issued by Younger Laboratories on 23 December 1985”, which has all the appearances of being an “outright fraud.

As for the bio-safety certificate for glyphosate-tolerant GM soybean 40-3-2 and maize NK 603, the petition alleges that the leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture, China’s Centers for Disease Control and Monsanto “colluded internally and externally.” They used “fake samples, falsified tests, and made false safety conclusions”, writes Dr Mae-Wan Ho.

The petition includes 23 attachments containing documentary evidence bearing out its allegations of the Ministry of Agriculture’s wrongdoings, four of which are in English, the rest in Chinese. Among the attachments are collections of scientific papers published in Chinese and in English on the toxicities of glyphosate herbicides. [8]

Marked deterioration in China’s public health blamed on imports and consumption of GM RR soybeans.

Among the attachments included in the petition is a quotation from an article entitled “We must face the harm caused by imported GM soybeans to 1.3 billion Chinese people” written by Mi Zhen-yu, former Vice President of Academy of Military Science, Doctoral tutor, and Lieutenant General, and published by Science & Technology Abstracts Newspaper 25 April, 2014. [9]

The document highlights the rapid deterioration of public health in China over the past 10-20 years, correlating with the rapid increase in imports and consumption of GM RR soybeans in China [10]

In 1996, the rate of birth defects among the newborn in China was 0.87 %; in 2000, it increased to 1.09 %; and in 2010, to 1.53%

A survey reported by Reference News on June 2, 2013 found the rate of severe depression in people over 60 years old in China is as high as 40 %
The Xinmin Evening News reported on 22 November 2011 that the rate of precocious puberty in Chinese girls has increased 10-fold over the past 10 years
The first “Public Health White Paper” issued by the Beijing Municipal Government in 2010 revealed that Type II diabetes has increased 11.7 fold
The Zhengzhou Daily News reported on 2 April 2013 that the number of children confirmed with autism has increased 100 fold during the past 20 years
The Chengdu Daily reported on 20 February 2013 that the prevalence of childhood cancer is increasing, on average there is one cancer patient for each 10 000 children. Among juvenile cancer patients, leukaemia, brain tumour, malignant lymphoma and neuroblastoma are the top 4.
The “2012 Chinese male sperm quality survey white paper” of the China Population Association reports that the total number of infertility patients in China already exceeded 50 million, accounting for 15.6 % of the child-bearing age population. Ten years ago in 2002, this figure was 8 %, and 20 years ago in 1992, it was 3 %, 40 years ago during the 1970s, infertility was not more than 1 %
According to a report by the Xinhua website, the prevalance of Parkinson’s patients in China has increased more than 20-fold during the last 20 years
Currently, the prevalance ofcardiovascular disease has exceeded 13 %; and prevalence of chronic kindney disease has reached 10 %.

These grim figures in China echo the increases in 22 chronic and lethal diseases in the US that closely parallel and correlate with the exponential rise of glyphosate/Roundup and GMO's in the US [11,12]

Similar upsurges in birth defects and cancers have also been observed in Argentina as GM RR soybean cultivation increases. [13]

Environmental and human health NGO's ask China to ban glyphosate/Roundup and GM RR soy/corn

Ten environmental health NGOs have written an Open Letter [14] to the Chinese Ambassador to the UK asking China to suspend exports of glyphosate and imports of GM RR soy/corn while independent testing is carried out.

Excerpts of the Open letter:

We are genuinely frightened by the harm currently being done to the health of your citizens and indeed the health of people across the planet. We understand that China already is the largest producer and exporter of glyphosate in the world, including supplies exported to Monsanto for use in the manufacture of Roundup formulations worldwide.

Accordingly, we ask that your Government accepts that it shoulders, together with Monsanto, some responsibility for the devastating harm to public health in those countries importing glyphosate/Roundup from China. We are also concerned that there may be massive claims for compensation in the near future.

China is also the largest importer of 'Roundup Ready' (RR) soybeans and maize, thus contributing to the ongoing production of these varieties in the USA, Argentina and Brazil. It will be no easy thing to close down factories and to ban the use of the chemical in town and country; and if imports of RR soy and maize are stopped, they will have to be replaced with other products. But we respectfully ask you to take a global lead in this matter.

First, will you please commission appropriate scientific institutions in China to carry out independent long-term carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, endocrine developmental disruption, and multiple-generation reproduction toxicity tests on glyphosate alone, and on Roundup formulations? These studies should be carried out by institutions with no commercial or academic interest links with the glyphosate and/or related products industries, and with no connections to the earlier safety evaluation of glyphosate and/or related products.

We also believe that in China, as elsewhere, there should now be a nationwide programme of testing for glyphosate residues in surface water, underground water, animal and human urine, breast milk and blood. In parallel, we hope that you will see merit in a nationwide epidemiological investigation of the link between glyphosate/Roundup pollution (including traces contained in imported GM soybeans) and the increased incidence of malignant diseases during the past 20 years.

Second, before such studies are commissioned, we ask you as an essential precautionary measure immediately to suspend production/sales and exports of glyphosate, to suspend imports of Roundup formulations, and to suspend imports of all agriculture products (such as RR varieties) containing any glyphosate residues.

Finally, given the past frauds practised by IBT and Craven Labs in carrying out industry tests on pesticides, including glyphosate, we urge you to challenge Monsanto to place certain key reports [15] immediately into the public domain. If the corporation will not cooperate by releasing these documents without deletions or alterations, we will assume that there has been scientific malpractice and that the WHO findings of a glyphosate/cancer link are well founded.

Glyphosate should have been banned globally 35 years ago, and Roundup should never have been placed on the market. After decades of health damage, it must be in the interests of the whole world for these lethal chemicals to be taken immediately out of use before any more harm is done.

While many scientists in Europe and the Unites States share the concerns expressed above, there are many political and commercial obstacles to change. If China could take a lead in the manner which we respectfully suggest, placing the safety and good health of future generations above the commercial aspirations of multinational corporations, that would be something of truly historical importance for our planet.”

China has (tragically) decided and announced to become a global biotech/chemical superpower!

Unfortunately and tragically, the Chinese State has instead decided to embrace GMO's and pesticides and become a global leader in biotechnology. China must “boldly research and innovate, [and] dominate the high points of GMO techniques,” President Xi said in a 2013 speech. “[We] cannot let foreign companies dominate the GMO market.” [16]

To do so, ChemChina - China's State-owned chemical company- has decided to buy Syngenta – one of the largest biotech/chemical company in the world for $US 43 billion. “ChemChina has won around 82 percent support from Syngenta shareholders for its $43 billion takeover of the Swiss pesticides and seeds group, China's biggest foreign acquisition to date, the two companies said on Wednesday, 10 May 2017. [17]

To summarize and to conclude, China is the largest producer and exporter of glyphosate in the world, producing and supplying over 70% of the global market. China supplies glyphosate to Monsanto and the biotech/chemical industry, who in turn use it to manufacture Roundup and other toxic/poisonous glyphosate based herbicides (GBHs) which are copiously sprayed on both GM RR soybeans, corn and other GM RR crops, as well as on conventional food crops worldwide as a dessicant. Glyphosate/Roundup has been proven to cause a myriad of chronic and lethal human diseases as well as widespread environmental pollution and destruction worldwide, as numerous peer reviewed and published studies have documented.

China is also the largest importer and consumer of genetically modified (GM) Roundup Ready (RR) soy beans and corn, which are used for both livestock feed as well as human consumption. The consumption of GM RR soybeans and corn doused in glyphosate/Roundup are also extremely toxic to both human and animal health. Moreover, the industrial and chemical intensive agricultural production of GM RR soy and corn is mass poisoning billions of people, animals, the soil, water, the air, the environment and all web of life in South America, in the US and elsewhere around the world where GM RR crops are grown.

Therefore, China must stop producing, exporting and supplying glyphosate to the biotech/chemical industry and stop importing and consuming GM RR soybeans and corn to protect and to save both the health and the lives of billions of Chinese and humans around the world as well as the environment globally.

Arya Vrilya

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Monsanto: Sordid mirror of humanity...?

We all vehemently blame and condemn Monsanto et al. for mass poisoning humanity, the environment and all web of Life on this planet to extinction. However, we conveniently omit to recognize and admit our own individual and collective responsibility in this morbid affair.

In fact, Monsanto et al. could never mass poison humanity without the willing, voluntary and active support of the overwhelming vast majority of humanity i.e. the billions of people who purchase and consume GMO's and pesticides laden so-called "food" worldwide through ignorance or worse through indifference; the corrupt politicians, scientists, scholars, farmers, traders, journalists, etc. who willingly covertly collaborate with Monsanto et al. out of greed.
In other words, Monsanto et al. are only a result and a sordid reflection of humanity's individual and collective choices and behavior; a sordid mirror of human "civilization" (never mind the oxymoron), society, choices, behavior, values, immorality and consciousness or lack thereof. Monsanto et al. would never exist in an enlightened and morally upright society.
Therefore, it is a pointless and self-defeating exercise to fight Monsanto et al. without changing our own sordid individual and collective choices, behavior, values, etc. The outer world is only a result and a mirror of our own individual and collective choices and consciousness; therefore to defeat Monsanto et al., we must fight and defeat our own sordid inner demons...

Toxic Food For Thought.

Arya Vrilya


The controversial, heated and unending debate about the hazards/safety of GM "foods" has not yet been resolved; of course, the industry and their minions claim that GM so-called "food" is perfectly safe for human consumption.
However, the fact is that genetically engineered food crops have never been independently tested for human consumption because they have (fraudulently) been declared to be "subtantially equivalent" to non-GM food.
Furthermore, all tests conducted by the industry for regulatory approval are conducted using laboratory rats; this is a major flaw in the risk assessment of GMOs since humans are not rats!
Secondly, all industry-sponsored and funded laboratory tests are only conducted for 3 months, which is clearly insufficient to monitor and observe both animal and human health risks associated with consumption of GM "food".
Moreover, the industry has repeatedly corrupted and falsified both the science and the laboratory data by using "historical controls" as well as feeding GMO and glyphosate/Roundup contamined feed to the control group.
Moving beyond the sterile pro vs anti-GMO debate:
What is urgently needed to test the human health safety/hazards of GM crops and genetically engineered human "food" are HUMAN FEEDING CLINICAL TRIALS i.e. feeding GM "food" vs non-GM food i.e. organic food to the control group over several years and comparing the clinical and medical data.
Note: There would be nothing unethical in human feeding clinical trials using GM "food" since the overwhelming vast majority of the human population has been eating GM "foods" for the last 20 years and are therefore used by the industry as human guinea pigs for their experiments.
The industry and their minions who repeatedly claim that GM "foods" are perfectly safe for human consumption should practice what they preach and be recruited to eat their GMO "foods" in the clinical feeding experiment.
Food For Thought.


Back in 2011, Mark Lynas - the infamous UK "environmentalist" turned pro-GMO apologist - wrote and published an article in the UK Sunday Times titled and arguing that "to abolish hunger and malnutrition, Africa must embrace GM technology."
I responded to the claims made by Mark Lynas in a letter debunking his deceitful and fraudulent claims. Unsurprisingly, Mark Lynas has failed to respond to my letter to this day.

Meanwhile, Mark Lynas continues to publicly spew, promote and spread deceitful and fraudulent pro-GMO propaganda in Africa and in the media.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Article published in the UK Ecologist:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


The WHO-FAO Joint Meeting on Pesticide Residues (JMPR) - the arm of the WHO that determines and sets the so-called "safe" level of pesticide residues allowed on our food, water, etc. - has declared that glyphosate/Roundup is unlikely to cause cancer through pesticide residues in our food. The summary report from the JMPR is available at this link:
Monsanto and regulatory agencies in the US (EPA), EU (EFSA) and in Canada (Health Canada) are attempting to discredit and to dismiss the recent WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) credible and alarming classification of glyphosate as a "probable human carcinogen” by arguing that a health hazard is not a health risk, because - they erroneously argue - a health risk is based on the level of human exposure to glyphosate/Roundup.
However, both glyphosate, Roundup and each one of its "secret" co-formulants have alarmingly been found to be endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) which are extremely toxic to human health at low doses.
As the following paper explains:
" The endocrine disrupting effect of glyphosate and its commercial formulations (i.e. Roundup) is their most insidious and worrying toxic effect. This is because EDC's do not function like normal poisons, where a higher dose gives greater toxicity. Often, endocrine disruptive effects are seen at lower doses but not at higher doses. The studies conducted by industry for regulatory purposes use relatively high doses and are not able to detect these effects.
Endocrine disruption in humans is thought to contribute to some cancers, birth defects, reproductive problems such as infertility, and developmental problems in foetuses, babies, and children.
Under European law, pesticides that disrupt hormones (“endocrine disrupting chemicals” or EDCs) are not allowed to be marketed. Governments recognize the threat posed by endocrine disruption, which are believed to be implicated in serious diseases, such as cancer, reproductive and developmental problems, and birth defects. These effects are thought to result from very low doses over a long period of exposure or from exposures in critical windows of development, such as foetal development in the womb.
Alarmingly, professor Gilles-Éric Séralini and his team of researchers have recently found both glyphosate, Roundup as well as their "secret" co-formulants to be Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC).
" A new study shows that the acceptable daily intake (ADI), the supposedly safe level, for glyphosate is unreliable in terms of assessing the risks of the complete commercial formulations that we are actually exposed to. The co-formulants were shown in the new study to have a far more powerful endocrine-disrupting effect at lower doses than the isolated active ingredient, glyphosate. The complete formulations (i.e Roundup) were also found to have much greater endocrine disrupting effects at lower doses than glyphosate alone.
The research shows that the ADI should be calculated from toxicity tests on the commercial formulations as sold and used. The new study is the first ever demonstration that the endocrine disrupting effects of glyphosate based herbicides (GBH) are not only attributable to glyphosate, the declared active ingredient, but above all to the co-formulants."
Link to the study:…/
As the following paper further explains:
" The so-called safe levels of glyphosate exposure have never been tested directly to determine if indeed they are really safe to consume over the long term. Instead the “safe” levels are extrapolated from higher doses tested in industry studies.
Industry toxicity study protocols are out of date. All toxicity tests conducted by industry for regulatory purposes are based on the old adage: “The dose makes the poison” – that is, the higher the dose, the greater the degree of toxicity. However, in some cases, low doses corresponding to human exposures can be more toxic than the higher doses tested in laboratory animals in industry studies.
This is especially true for chemicals that disrupt the hormonal system (endocrine disruptors). Safe levels of these chemicals cannot be extrapolated from effects at higher doses. Evidence from in vitro and animal experiments shows that glyphosate may be an endocrine disruptor at levels permitted in tap water in the EU.
Findings that glyphosate and its commercial formulations may be endocrine disruptors imply that the standard industry long-term animal studies are inadequate. These studies are conducted on adult animals, and fail to test the effects of exposure during important windows of development, such as foetal development.
Yet hormones are vital regulators of development. A subtle hormonal effect during early life can modify organ morphology and function for the rest of the life, as well as potentially leading to chronic diseases such as cancer and reproductive dysfunction in adults.
The complete glyphosate herbicide formulations as sold and used contain additives (adjuvants), which are toxic in their own right and/or increase the toxicity of glyphosate. Safety limits are set for the isolated ingredient glyphosate, but the whole formulations, which are generally more toxic, are never tested to determine long-term toxic effects.
This limitation of the regulatory process applies to all pesticides in all countries worldwide. Studies in rats confirm that the complete glyphosate herbicide formulations are toxic at levels deemed safe by regulators for the isolated ingredient glyphosate. Other feeding studies in pigs and rats directly comparing the toxicity of formulations with glyphosate alone found that the formulations were far more toxic.
Even glyphosate alone may not be as safe as claimed. Industry tests on glyphosate alone revealed toxic effects, notably birth defects, below the levels that regulators claimed showed no toxic effect – but these results were ignored or dismissed by regulators in setting the supposedly safe ADI
Independent studies have found toxic effects of glyphosate and its commercial formulations at environmentally realistic levels, which have never been tested by regulators. Effects include oxidative stress on liver and kidneys and endocrine disrupting effects.
These findings, taken as a whole, suggest that the levels of Roundup we are exposed to may not be safe over the long term."
Several other studies have also found both glyphosate and Roundup to be EDCs:…/tedx-l…/chemicalsearch…
Moreover, a Scientific Consensus Statement recently published by a number of prominent and eminent scientists states:
" Our Statement of Concern considers current published literature describing glyphosate based herbicides (GBH) uses, mechanisms of action, toxicity in laboratory animals, and epidemiological studies. It also examines the derivation of current human safety standards.
We conclude that: (1) GBHs are the most heavily applied herbicide in the world and usage continues to rise; (2) Worldwide, GBHs often contaminate drinking water sources, precipitation, and air, especially in agricultural regions; (3) The half-life of glyphosate in water and soil is longer than previously recognized; (4) Glyphosate and its metabolites are widely present in the global soybean supply; (5) Human exposures to GBHs are rising; (6) Glyphosate is now authoritatively classified as a probable human carcinogen; (7) Regulatory estimates of tolerable daily intakes for glyphosate in the United States and European Union are based on outdated science. (emphasis is mine)
We offer a series of recommendations related to the need for new investments in epidemiological studies, biomonitoring, and toxicology studies that draw on the principles of endocrinology to determine whether the effects of GBHs are due to endocrine disrupting activities.
We suggest that common commercial formulations of GBHs should be prioritized for inclusion in government-led toxicology testing programs such as the U.S. National Toxicology Program, as well as for biomonitoring as conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."
Link to the Scientific Consensus Statement:…/10.1…/s12940-016-0117-0
The Endocrine Society has also recently published an alarming (2nd) Scientific Statement on the toxicity of EDC's:
This Executive Summary to the Endocrine Society's second Scientific Statement on environmental endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) provides a synthesis of the key points of the complete statement. The full Scientific Statement represents a comprehensive review of the literature (1300 studies) on seven topics for which there is strong mechanistic, experimental, animal, and epidemiological evidence for endocrine disruption, namely: obesity and diabetes, female reproduction, male reproduction, hormone-sensitive cancers in females, prostate cancer, thyroid, and neurodevelopment and neuroendocrine systems.
Scientific advances over the past 5 years (encompassing 1300 studies) reveal numerous EDC effects on obesity, diabetes, male and female reproduction (including cancer), the prostate and thyroid glands, and neurodevelopment. The past 5 years represent a leap forward in our understanding of EDC actions on endocrine health and disease."
Link to the complete Scientific Statement:
Glyphosate Risk Assessment: Health Hazard vs Health Risk
Furthermore, the risk assessment of glyphosate/Roundup carried out by regulatory agencies is scientifically flawed for the reasons briefly explained below.
1) “The dose makes the poison”
The health hazards vs health risks assessment used by all regulatory agencies is scientifically flawed and invalid because regulators erroneously believe and argue that the “dose makes the poison.” However, toxicology peer-reviewed and published scientific research has shown that this belief is in many cases inaccurate and quite often the opposite is true (i.e. linear vs nonmonotonic dose-response curves) Study link:
2) Active Principle (glyphosate) vs Formulation/product (Roundup)
Regulatory agencies only review the toxicity of the Active Principle alone (i.e. glyphosate) and not the whole product formulation (i.e Roundup) which contains other highly toxic and synergistic “secret” adjuvants. However, a recent landmark peer-reviewed and published study has alarmingly found Roundup and other pesticide formulations to be 125-1000 times more toxic than their declared Active Principle. The authors of the study alarmingly found and write:
“We tested the toxicity of 9 pesticides, comparing active principles and their formulations, on three human cell lines[...] Despite its relatively benign reputation, Roundup was among the most toxic herbicides and insecticides tested. Most importantly, 8 formulations out of 9 were up to one thousand times more toxic than their active principles. Our results challenge the relevance of the acceptable daily intake for pesticides because this norm is calculated from the toxicity of the active principle alone. Chronic tests on pesticides may not reflect relevant environmental exposures if only one ingredient of these mixtures is tested alone.”
Study Link:
EPA and EFSA recognize the toxicity of GBH formulations
Both the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have publicly recognized the toxicity of glyphosate based herbicides (GBH) formulations.
In its own risk assessment, the EPA publicly admits and states that it evaluated only the "human carcinogenic potential for the active ingredient," not that of "glyphosate-based pesticide formulations." The EPA acknowledges that the formulations may be more toxic than glyphosate and expresses the need to evaluate the toxicity of the entire formulation i.e. Roundup. The EPA is developing a “research plan” with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to “evaluate the role of glyphosate in product formulations and the differences in formulation toxicity.”
Similarly, EFSA's risk assessment was based purely on the toxicity of glyphosate alone, not on the complete formulation; although EFSA acknowledged that one common ingredient in glyphosate based herbicides - POE-tallowamine - is more toxic than glyphosate itself, EFSA publicly admits and writes that the carcinogenic potential of GBH formulations "should be further considered and addressed."
3) Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI)
The WHO-FAO/JMPR and regulatory agencies worldwide determine and set the Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) based exclusively on the Active Principle alone (AP) (i.e. glyphosate) and not on the product formulation (i.e. Roundup).
However, the actual product that is approved by regulatory agencies and copiously sprayed on our food crops, soil, water, air and environment is not only glyphosate (AP) but the whole product formulation (i.e. Roundup). This constitutes a flagrant flaw in the risk assessment of glyphosate/Roundup and a serious hazard to public health .
Roundup residues in food and water
Roundup residues have alarmingly been found in various common food items i.e. flour, bread, cereals, dairy, eggs, fruits, vegetables, wine, beers, etc., as well as in human urine, blood and breastmilk!…/glyphosate-residues-found-in…/
Roundup is truly ubiquitous in our daily food supply, as the following recent investigative articles alarmingly reveal:…/35919-not-just-for-corn-and-soy-……/fda-tests-confirm-oatmeal_b…
In fact, Roundup is not only used on GMO crops; it is also widely used as a dessicant to dry and kill non-GMO grain crops such as wheat, oats, barley, flax, etc. a few weeks before harvest; it is also copiously sprayed on nuts, lentils, peas, beans, potatoes, fruits and vegetables.
A preharvest weed control application is an excellent management strategy to not only control perennial weeds, but to facilitate harvest management and get a head start on next year’s crop,” according to a Monsanto “pre-harvest staging guide.”…/Monsanto-application-guide-for-preharve…
Roundup is also present in our daily drinking water supply. A recently published study also found ultra-low dose exposure to Roundup in drinking water to adverse impacts on rat livers and kidneys:…/10.1…/s12940-015-0056-1
Monsanto of course denies that glyphosate/Roundup residues in our food and water supply are dangerous to our health. "According to physicians and other food safety experts, the mere presence of a chemical itself is not a human health hazard. It is the amount, or dose, that matters," Monsanto senior toxicologist Kimberly Hodge-Bell said in the Monsanto blog; "trace amounts are not unsafe".
This statement by Kimberly Hodge-Bell and Monsanto is not supported by scientific evidence and is contradicted by the science of toxicology and endocrinology, as I have argued and demonstrated in this paper.
Therefore, it is fair to conclude that both the Risk Assessment and the ADI for glyphosate based herbicides (GBH) such as Monsanto's Roundup - as well as Monsanto's Xtend which combines both glyphosate and dicamba and Dow's Enlist Duo which combines both glyphosate and 2,4-D - are scientifically flawed and extremely hazardous to both our health and our lives since they expose us to high doses of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) and other "secret" toxic chemical formulations present in the form of high pesticide residues in our food, water, soil, air, environment and bodies which seriously endangers both our health and our lives.
Toxic Food For Thought.
Arya Vrilya
National Health Federation (NHF)
Canada Representative

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